Engineering Career Fair NEXT WEEK!

October 2nd is our annual Engineering Career Fair for all Engineering Disciplines.
Engineering Career Fair
Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, 12-4 pm
Brown & Williamson Club, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

Career Fair

The Fall Career Fair provides an opportunity for students to speak to employers about co-op, part-time and full-time employment.

We have employers come to campus from all across the United States as well as a heavy representation from our region. We currently have 72 employers registered to attend. It’s a great opportunity for students from all levels and alumni to check out the opportunities available in engineering and to seek out full-time and co-op positions.

To see a list of attendees, click on this link and then click participants.

A lot of people are nervous about attending a career fair, but if you’re prepared to talk about who you are and what your interested in, that’s a lot of what you need to know. It’s also important to know a little bit about the companies that are attending. The list of companies referred to above also has a brief overview of each company to get you started and a link to their website.

Tips for those who plan to attend:

  • Dress professional – 1st impressions are important
  • Bring plenty of resumes
  • Come prepared – check out the company overviews
  • Arrive early and walk around alone – don’t walk around like a group
  • Introduce yourself and extend your hand – have a 30 second commercial prepared
  • Ask good relevant questions
  • 5 minutes to make an impact
  • Say thank you
  • Make notes when you step away that you can reference when you follow up
  • Have fun – this is an exciting time!!

A career fair is so much more than just another event on campus – this is where flight happens, this is where the connections can be made that start careers for young engineers. Many of our recruiters are JB Speed School alum and they enjoy their jobs, they love UofL and they are excited about bringing new talent into their companies. Feel the energy and make the most of it!

See you at the fair!


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