ELLC, Creating Community

We are now midway through the first semester and 5th year of the Engineering Living Learning Community. This semester the programs offered at the community, housed in Center Hall, are designed to help the students get better aclimated to the University of Louisville and the rigor of the Speed School, as well as expose them to opportunities to become involved throughout campus. Recently there was a two-part series on stress management and test anxiety. Programs happen every other Tuesday evening and are well attended. Next semester students can look forward to programming that delves deeper into what it means to be an engineer.

Since these are Engineering first year students, perhaps the best resource the Engineering Living Learning Community offers is Reach tutoring 3 times a week within the residence hall. Tutors come to the students and help them with Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. This resource is invaluable as students can pop downstairs to get a quick answer to something they are stuck with, or go to the whole session to get more in-depth help. When students are not using these Reach resources, strong study groups have formed within the community. Students have excitedly related that anytime they have a question on homework they simply walk down the hall until someone can help them since many students are taking the same classses.

The Community would not be successful without the enthusiasm and dedication of the students within the program. This year’s students are active in record numbers, and because of this, we are able to do bigger and better programming. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester and year holds for this community!


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