National Cyber League

Since our last update, Cyber Defense has continued our training for the competition by having a previous member give a webinar in a meeting about network security and through some discussion at meetings. Several of our members have also began to compete in the National Cyber League competiton which was started only 2 years ago

to provide an ongoing virtual training ground for collegiate students to develop, practice, and validate their cybersecurity skills. Using lab exercises designed around industry-recognized performance-based exam objectives and aligned with individual and team games, the NCL is a first-of-its-kind ongoing experiment in learning and gaming using next-generation high-fidelity simulation environments.

The competition is in a capture the flag style. There is an individual component which members are working on currently, and there will be a team component that members will join in on in the future, which has a bracket championship.

To continue our preparation for the competition, we are in the process of setting up a virtual playground to perform defensive and offensive testing in. We will be setting up several virtual machines with various Operating Systems to defend from attackers and practice some penetration testing.


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