Engineering Exposition 2014

Engineering Exposition (E-Expo) is an annual event held by Speed School Student Council where everyone, from elementary school students to adults, are invited to campus to discover the exciting opportunities for engineering at the University of Louisville. Tours of open labs, hands-on activities, competitions, and a Keynote speaker are meant to engage younger students into the joys of engineering. E-Expo’s main goal is to unite students, industry, and the community by inspiring innovation and ingenuity in the minds of future generations.

Mark Your Calendar for March 1, 2014 for E-EXPO

Save the Date postcard announcing the 2014 E-EXPO

This year, E-Expo will be on Saturday March 1st, 2014 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. The theme for this year is SPEEDing to the Next Frontier with a Keynote speaker from NASA coming. There will be a Rube Goldberg competition for elementary, middle, and high school students, Balsa Wood Bridge competition for elementary and high school students, and a Bottle Rocket competition for middle school students. Every engineering department will have open labs available for tours, and Speed School societies will hold hands-on activities for students to participate in throughout the day.

E-Expo doubled in size last year, and we expect it to continue to grow this year. Please join us in celebrating the opportunities in engineering by attending the event or volunteering to help out! For more information on the event, please visit and don’t hesitate to send any questions to

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