Lost in the Woods

Each baja car built at UofL is given a name based upon the personality that car develops during the season.  The 2009 car was named the Chariot of Darkness for being the teams first all black paint schemed car.  2010, The Troop, for its black and white Stormtrooper appearance.  In 2011 the car was named Leroy based on a World of Warcraft youtube video because like Leroy Jenkins in the video, Leroy has a tendency to do whatever it wants at times.  In 2012, car built Junior; a car that is nearly identical to Leroy with only minor changes to fix mistakes made on Leroy.

Early in the season the team decided that the 2013 car was going to be the team’s first girl because of the curves and hips given to the car’s shape with the new carbon fiber body.  So that was part one of the process for naming the car.  At the first and second competitions, the car had a tendency of getting “lost” on the endurance track.  The car would break down and because the team had no way of seeing or communicating with the driver, they would have no idea where the car was until it appeared in the pits being towed by an ATV; thus, it got “lost.”  The car was then aptly named Carmen after the computer game character from the 80’s and 90’s Carmen Sandiego.

This recurring theme of getting lost in the woods not only inspired the name for Carmen but, also became an appropriate title to our 2013 season video.  And so without further ado, the 2013 University of Louisville Baja team presents Lost in the Woods.


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