Cyber Defense Update

Cyber defense has had some successful runs since the last update. University of Louisville won the CSSIA CyberWars competition on October 12. CyberWars is a hybrid competition that involves having to defend the same services as in other competitions (web, email, dns, etc.) while also having Kali and Backtrack Linux Virtual Machines to attack other teams with. The rules are less strict than with Cyber Defense, and virtually anything goes — needless to say, it was nice being the only team with working e-com all day. The team also won the latest CCDC Invitational, beating West Coast schools such as UC Berkeley.

The group is preparing for upcoming events as well. We will host an internal Cyber Defense Exercise next week, and will also be assisting with a competition for the CIS Department‘s network security course in December. The CIS competition will be run by Dr. Im and will include over 30 student defenders competing against industry and government professionals. This competition will be much more intense than the one last year, and everyone is excited for it.

At our weekly meetings, we have continued doing talks and training for all participants. Recent topics have included common vulnerabilities, access control, and cryptographic primitives. Our weekly meetings will conclude next week with the exercise, and we will pick up again next semester with more advanced topics.


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