The ELLC, Second Semester, Second Success!

We have now completed our entire year for the ELLC. Students are moving out as we speak, many of which are keeping up the friendships and bonds from this year and moving in with each other for the summer in Res Halls and apartments. T

his semester was not quite as packed as the first semester, mostly thanks to all that snow that we got! We had many successful programs including: REACH coming in to talk about study habits, Health Services teaching students to flash nap, the Civil Department exposing students to the incredible opportunity to do a service learning opportunity abroad. One of the best programs had to be put off a total of 4 times due to the weather, but luckily we got the Career Center to come in and give a great presentation on preparing for co-ops and understanding your strengths.

It was incredible to see the difference in the community from the first to the second semester. The whole building seemed to come together to study and support each other. Our attendance was a little lower in programs, but that was due to the fact that students were getting involved outside of Speed, which was one of our goals.

We have learned so much from this semester and this year. With bittersweet feelings, Ally and Heather passed the torch to our two new advisors, Natalie Oliner and Jennifer Plymate as next year Center will house their students. We can only expect more growth and more success in the years to come as this program continues to evolve and change.


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