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Engineering Fundamentals Update

Drs. Jeffrey Hieb and Patricia Ralston (Engineering Fundamentals) and Dr. Keith Lyle (Psychological and Brain Sciences) have received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study a potential means of helping first-year Engineering students learn and retain calculus knowledge. The project will compare a typical classroom procedure, in which knowledge of a given course objective is tested primarily on a single quiz, with a procedure in which the same knowledge is tested on multiple quizzes spaced out throughout the course. The latter procedure–known as spacing– has been found to enhance learning and memory in many laboratory studies, but has rarely been applied in the classroom or to mathematical knowledge.


Speed Student Services Summer

It has been an exciting summer so far here in Speed Student Services!

Speed Advisors Natalie Olliner and Jimmy Kidd assist incoming freshmen register for fall classes during summer orientation.

Speed Advisors Natalie Oliner and Jimmy Kidd assist incoming freshmen register for fall classes during summer orientation.

First, we have seen over 500 students in less than 2 months during Orientation. During Orientation, we give incoming students presentations to get them ready for success, as well as advise them for their fall schedule. A lot of work went into pulling off a successful Orientation, and our new advisors, Jen and Natalie, are still in correspondence with the new students to make sure they have the best schedules possible!

Summer semester is just about over here at the Speed School, and we wish all of our students good luck on finals! For our students that are moving from their first official year to their second year here, many are officially being admitted into their department based on their course load and GPA. This is an exciting time because it means they can attend the co-op seminar in the fall, allowing them to co-op for the first time in the spring.

All in all, summer is a great time for Student Services!

Engineering Fundamentals Update

Drs. Patricia Ralston, Jeff Hieb, Jim Lewis and Angela Thompson (Engineering Fundamentals) along with Dr. Nora Honken (research collaborator) attended the National American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exhibition held in Indianapolis, IN, June 15-18. Together, they presented five papers in three different divisions of ASEE; Educational Research and Methods Division, First-Year Programs Division, and Mathematics Division. In addition to sharing their research, these faculty gained additional ideas and updates on the latest trends in engineering education. Dr. Jim Lewis completed two years of service of Program Chair for the Computers in Education Division and will serve as division chair for the next two years. Drs. Patricia Ralston and Nora Honken received the First-Year Program Division “Best Presentation Award” for their presentation at the 2013 ASEE Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.