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A Blackboard organization named Speed Online has been launched to help incoming online graduate students prepare for personal, academic and career success. With new students enrolling in five fully online graduate degree and certificate programs offered by three academic departments, the new organization will simplify and expedite the orientation and enrollment process for online graduate students.

Shortly after applicants are offered admission, they are added to the Speed Online organization and emailed instructions for logging in to Blackboard. Outlined below, the main menu not only guides them through the orientation process, but also provides 24/7 access to the information, resources and services they may need throughout their program.

  • Welcome: Orientation overview and welcome message from Dean Pinto.
  • New Students Start Here: Initial action required of newly admitted students, including account setup, course registration, bill payment and financial aid.
  • Speed Online 101: General information about technology, textbooks, advising, academic integrity, policies and student expectations.
  • UofL Resources: Details about helpful on-campus and online resources students are most likely to need.
  • Announcements: Occasional messages posted for all Speed Online students.
  • Discussion Board: Community forum for questions, comments and responses of general interest to all students in any of our online programs or courses.
  • Faculty & Staff: Names and contact information for online program directors and school administrators.
  • Calendar: Important academic dates and deadlines for the university, school and online programs.

Engineering Management, Computer Science and Data Mining students enrolling for the first time in Fall 2014 are the first ones to use the Speed Online orientation process. To give new students more hands-on experience with Blackboard tools used in online classes and to help them feel more connected to the Speed School community, we are planning two additional modules for those enrolling in Spring 2015.

  • Pre-Term Assignments: Confirm technology setup, participate in Blackboard Collaborate meeting, develop online learning plan, introduce self to faculty and students using a blog, expand LinkedIn professional network and complete pre-enrollment quiz.
  • Orientation Programs: Required synchronous or asynchronous virtual orientation session for Speed Online students, as well as optional on-campus orientation at the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies (SIGS) and reception at the Speed School.

The new Speed Online organization has three main benefits. First, it will ensure that all incoming online students have timely access to high quality information that is relevant, accurate and complete. Second, it will help improve enrollment, retention and graduation rates for online programs and increase the engagement of online students and alumni in the Speed School community. Finally, it will reduce the number of times that academic departments, program directors and online instructors have to answer frequently asked questions about policies, procedures, resources and technology. Please contact Todd Reale, Director of Online and External Programs, at or 502-852-5012 if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.



Admissions Holiday Message

Wow!  Thanksgiving is one day away.  The Holiday Season is upon us.  This also means that seniors have 45 days until the Jan 15th deadlines approach.  January 15th is the deadline to apply for UofL and Speed School scholarships.  This year is flying by, so now is the time to finish them up.  Students must also have completed the application for admission by January 15th as well.  Don’t get left out in the cold, get your applications done now so that you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

At UofL we have so much to be thankful for:  a record freshmen class of amazing students, a record setting year in Cardinal athletics, and the opening of our new state of the art rec center.  As I type this I am looking out of window at the construction of both a new engineering research park and new student apartment complex.  Looks like 2014 is going to be a banner year well.  Now is the perfect time to come and join the Speed School community.  Come visit UofL and the J.B. Speed School of Engineering and see for yourself if it fits.  Remember, Life Takes Engineering and Speed School Delivers!  Happy Holidays!!!

Why be a Speed Engineer and when should I apply?

Bioinformatics Lab

Speed School students participate in a discussion in the Bioinformatics Lab.

Engineering is one of the most in demand careers in the country.  An engineering degree is also one of the most flexible degrees leading not only into engineering careers, but into professional programs like medical school and law school as well.  At Speed School, you will be working with the latest technology and faculty in a hands-on learning environment.  Our students work as student-engineers during 3 different semester in our Cooperative Education Program.  This gives Speed graduates the competitive advantage of 1 full year of work experience.  Coupling the Co-op experience with the Master Track degree programs that allows our graduates to earn both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 5 years, ensures a very bright professional future for our students.

If this is enough to peek your interest, I recommend that students complete their admissions applications before November begins.  This includes applying and sending all test scores and transcripts.  This allows plenty of time to work on scholarship applications in November and December.  Getting the admissions process out of the way not only reduces stress during a busy senior year, but it also greatly improves the quality of communication between the student and the University.

Come visit UofL and the J.B. Speed School of Engineering and see for yourself if it fits.  Remember, Life Takes Engineering and Speed School Delivers!