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The ELLC, Second Semester, Second Success!

We have now completed our entire year for the ELLC. Students are moving out as we speak, many of which are keeping up the friendships and bonds from this year and moving in with each other for the summer in Res Halls and apartments. T

his semester was not quite as packed as the first semester, mostly thanks to all that snow that we got! We had many successful programs including: REACH coming in to talk about study habits, Health Services teaching students to flash nap, the Civil Department exposing students to the incredible opportunity to do a service learning opportunity abroad. One of the best programs had to be put off a total of 4 times due to the weather, but luckily we got the Career Center to come in and give a great presentation on preparing for co-ops and understanding your strengths.

It was incredible to see the difference in the community from the first to the second semester. The whole building seemed to come together to study and support each other. Our attendance was a little lower in programs, but that was due to the fact that students were getting involved outside of Speed, which was one of our goals.

We have learned so much from this semester and this year. With bittersweet feelings, Ally and Heather passed the torch to our two new advisors, Natalie Oliner and Jennifer Plymate as next year Center will house their students. We can only expect more growth and more success in the years to come as this program continues to evolve and change.


Spring Semester at the ELLC

After a highly successful fall semester at the Engineering Living Learning Community (ELLC), we are looking forward to starting up programming again for the spring! The programs happen roughly every other Tuesday evening. This semester’s projected programs include: study habits and tricks of the trade, preparing for co-ops, lessons from the Health and Wellness Office, and visits from upper level students. There are also community building and stress relief events.

This has been one of our most active group of ELLC students since its first year. Last semester’s most highly attended programs were a robotics demonstration through the Electrical Department, and an informal panel of Speed upperclassmen that described their experiences within Speed School as well as their various co-ops.

After the main Housing form is completed, applications for the 2014 incoming class can be found at

Engineering Living Learning Community!

The Fall 2013 semester is quickly coming to an end and our ELLC students are preparing for finals! The ELLC staff will be providing snacks and drinks in the basement of Center Hall during Reading Day (December 10) from 9:00 am-4:00 pm for all ELLC students. Good luck to all of the Speed School students on their upcoming finals and Happy Holidays! It has been a great semester filled with lots of fun events and we look forward to the Spring semester!

If you’re an incoming Speed School student for the Fall 2014 semester and are interested in the Engineering Living Learning Community, the application will be available online beginning January 8, 2014. If you have any questions please contact Jimmy Kidd at 852-0398.

ELLC, Creating Community

We are now midway through the first semester and 5th year of the Engineering Living Learning Community. This semester the programs offered at the community, housed in Center Hall, are designed to help the students get better aclimated to the University of Louisville and the rigor of the Speed School, as well as expose them to opportunities to become involved throughout campus. Recently there was a two-part series on stress management and test anxiety. Programs happen every other Tuesday evening and are well attended. Next semester students can look forward to programming that delves deeper into what it means to be an engineer.

Since these are Engineering first year students, perhaps the best resource the Engineering Living Learning Community offers is Reach tutoring 3 times a week within the residence hall. Tutors come to the students and help them with Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. This resource is invaluable as students can pop downstairs to get a quick answer to something they are stuck with, or go to the whole session to get more in-depth help. When students are not using these Reach resources, strong study groups have formed within the community. Students have excitedly related that anytime they have a question on homework they simply walk down the hall until someone can help them since many students are taking the same classses.

The Community would not be successful without the enthusiasm and dedication of the students within the program. This year’s students are active in record numbers, and because of this, we are able to do bigger and better programming. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester and year holds for this community!

Engineering Living Learning Community (ELLC)

We are excited to welcome the ELLC Class of 2017! Jimmy, Heather, and Ally helped the 85  ELLC students move into Center Hall and Wellness Hall on August 21. It was a great way to meet the students and their families. We look forward to working with our new students!

Engineering Living Learning Community

Engineering Living Learning Community

The ELLC Kick-Off event was held August 27 and it was a HUGE success! We had 61 ELLC students attend the event along with the Department of Engineering Fundamentals Faculty. The students, faculty, and staff were able to socialize and enjoy some delicious desserts! The next ELLC event is September 10 and it will be featuring the Speed School Student Council. We are encouraging our students to get involved on campus and this event will give students the opportunity to get connected!

We have added some additional services to the ELLC this school year. Heather and Ally are holding advising office hours at Center Hall. Heather is available on Tuesday evening from 5:00-8:30. Ally is available on Thursday afternoon from 12:30-4:30. REACH is available at Center Hall for tutoring on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:00.

It’s a great year to be a CARDINAL…especially in the ELLC!