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Speed School Student Services

Speed School Advising Team

Speed School Advising Team (from left): Ally Rutledge, Susan Best, Heather Mann, and Vivian Lochner

The Speed School Student Service offices (Advising Office) are located in the Lower Level of the J.B. Speed Building. We are here to help the students be successful with their academic career. It has been a busy start to a new school year and we are looking forward to seeing our students during their Spring 2014 advising appointments! Registration begins November 1, so we encourage our students to make their advising appointment in October. The students will be notified via email on how to schedule their appointment through our GradesFirst system. The advising appointments give the student an opportunity to ask questions, get connected with resources on campus, and make an academic plan for the following semester.

Our first year students are learning how to manage their time and study to be a successful student. REACH and Supplemental Instruction programs are a great resource to get helpful tips. We encourage our students to use these resources as a proactive measure to stay on track. Many first year students report that they experience test anxiety; therefore the Speed School has organized a test anxiety program that is co-sponsored by the Counseling Center on October 1 from 7:00-9:00 pm at Center Hall. This program is open to all first year students!