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A Blackboard organization named Speed Online has been launched to help incoming online graduate students prepare for personal, academic and career success. With new students enrolling in five fully online graduate degree and certificate programs offered by three academic departments, the new organization will simplify and expedite the orientation and enrollment process for online graduate students.

Shortly after applicants are offered admission, they are added to the Speed Online organization and emailed instructions for logging in to Blackboard. Outlined below, the main menu not only guides them through the orientation process, but also provides 24/7 access to the information, resources and services they may need throughout their program.

  • Welcome: Orientation overview and welcome message from Dean Pinto.
  • New Students Start Here: Initial action required of newly admitted students, including account setup, course registration, bill payment and financial aid.
  • Speed Online 101: General information about technology, textbooks, advising, academic integrity, policies and student expectations.
  • UofL Resources: Details about helpful on-campus and online resources students are most likely to need.
  • Announcements: Occasional messages posted for all Speed Online students.
  • Discussion Board: Community forum for questions, comments and responses of general interest to all students in any of our online programs or courses.
  • Faculty & Staff: Names and contact information for online program directors and school administrators.
  • Calendar: Important academic dates and deadlines for the university, school and online programs.

Engineering Management, Computer Science and Data Mining students enrolling for the first time in Fall 2014 are the first ones to use the Speed Online orientation process. To give new students more hands-on experience with Blackboard tools used in online classes and to help them feel more connected to the Speed School community, we are planning two additional modules for those enrolling in Spring 2015.

  • Pre-Term Assignments: Confirm technology setup, participate in Blackboard Collaborate meeting, develop online learning plan, introduce self to faculty and students using a blog, expand LinkedIn professional network and complete pre-enrollment quiz.
  • Orientation Programs: Required synchronous or asynchronous virtual orientation session for Speed Online students, as well as optional on-campus orientation at the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies (SIGS) and reception at the Speed School.

The new Speed Online organization has three main benefits. First, it will ensure that all incoming online students have timely access to high quality information that is relevant, accurate and complete. Second, it will help improve enrollment, retention and graduation rates for online programs and increase the engagement of online students and alumni in the Speed School community. Finally, it will reduce the number of times that academic departments, program directors and online instructors have to answer frequently asked questions about policies, procedures, resources and technology. Please contact Todd Reale, Director of Online and External Programs, at or 502-852-5012 if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.



Speed Student Services Summer

It has been an exciting summer so far here in Speed Student Services!

Speed Advisors Natalie Olliner and Jimmy Kidd assist incoming freshmen register for fall classes during summer orientation.

Speed Advisors Natalie Oliner and Jimmy Kidd assist incoming freshmen register for fall classes during summer orientation.

First, we have seen over 500 students in less than 2 months during Orientation. During Orientation, we give incoming students presentations to get them ready for success, as well as advise them for their fall schedule. A lot of work went into pulling off a successful Orientation, and our new advisors, Jen and Natalie, are still in correspondence with the new students to make sure they have the best schedules possible!

Summer semester is just about over here at the Speed School, and we wish all of our students good luck on finals! For our students that are moving from their first official year to their second year here, many are officially being admitted into their department based on their course load and GPA. This is an exciting time because it means they can attend the co-op seminar in the fall, allowing them to co-op for the first time in the spring.

All in all, summer is a great time for Student Services!

Speed School Student Services New Academic Counselor!

The Speed School Student Services office is expanding and we would like to give a warm welcome to one of our new academic counselors, Natalie Oliner! She will be advising half of the students in the Class of 2018 cohort. Natalie is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan’s Higher Education Master’s program. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University in Sociology and Religious studies. Natalie is originally from Macon, Georgia and she is excited about her new position at the University Of Louisville! In her spare time, she likes to bike, listen to music, read, and travel. She is also a chocolate and dog lover! Please feel free to stop by the office and say hello to our newest addition.

Updates to the Speed School Student Services team

The Fall 2013 semester has come to an end! It has been a busy, but great semester to be a part of the Speed School! We had a much loved Academic Counselor retire, Vivian Lochner. She will be missed by many faculty and staff. We have a new Assistant Director of Speed School Student Services, Jimmy Kidd! He was previously in the Speed School Admissions Office and we are excited to have him be a part of the Advising team.

We hope everyone has a relaxing winter beak and happy holidays! The spring semester begins on Monday, January 6. We look forward to seeing all the Speed School students during their spring advising meeting!

Advising Changes and preparation

It has been a few crazy weeks in advising as students have actually been registering for classes, Vivian Lochner retired, and Jimmy Kidd started in the office. With all of the change and students in and out of the office it has made the office think about what can students do in preparation for their advising appointment. The best thing that a student can do before meeting with their advisor is to think about what classes they are hoping to take during the next few of semester. If you look ahead your advisor can help you stay on your Flight Plan. If we know what classes you are hoping to take we can offer insight into what semesters are the best to take them. Also, this gives us more time to talk about how you are doing in classes and get to know you better. Good luck with finals and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Advising for Spring 2014 – It’s Happening Now!

It may be just now feeling like Fall, but our Spring 2014 Advising is well underway! Between the four advisors, Ally, Heather, Susan, and Vivian, we will see over 1,100 students, at least once, in a little over a month! This is an especially exciting time for all first year students as they are now really settling into the rigor of Speed School. First year students are deciding which engineering major is truly the right fit for them, and many are now starting to think about how to get involved at the Speed School and on campus.

Remember Speed students, you must see your advisor in order to register for classes in the Spring! If you haven’t already set up your appointment, please do so today! Priority registration begins on November 1st at 8 a.m.

For those students wishing to drop a Fall 2013 class, the drop deadline is Monday, Oct. 28th.

Speed School Student Services

Speed School Advising Team

Speed School Advising Team (from left): Ally Rutledge, Susan Best, Heather Mann, and Vivian Lochner

The Speed School Student Service offices (Advising Office) are located in the Lower Level of the J.B. Speed Building. We are here to help the students be successful with their academic career. It has been a busy start to a new school year and we are looking forward to seeing our students during their Spring 2014 advising appointments! Registration begins November 1, so we encourage our students to make their advising appointment in October. The students will be notified via email on how to schedule their appointment through our GradesFirst system. The advising appointments give the student an opportunity to ask questions, get connected with resources on campus, and make an academic plan for the following semester.

Our first year students are learning how to manage their time and study to be a successful student. REACH and Supplemental Instruction programs are a great resource to get helpful tips. We encourage our students to use these resources as a proactive measure to stay on track. Many first year students report that they experience test anxiety; therefore the Speed School has organized a test anxiety program that is co-sponsored by the Counseling Center on October 1 from 7:00-9:00 pm at Center Hall. This program is open to all first year students!